11:07 GMT30 July 2021
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    Trump Organization, CFO Indicted in Tax Investigation

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked with guests about Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin, and the future of leadership in Russia, also looking at the morbid legacy of Donald Rumsfeld and how leaks from inside Kamala Harris' camp show deep dysfunction.


    Bryan MacDonald - Head of the Russia Desk at RT Online | Navalny's Role in Russian Politics, Putin's Future, Naval Drills in the Black Sea

    Scott Ritter - Former UN Weapons Inspector & WMD Whistleblower | Remembering Donald Rumsfeld & Understanding the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan

    Guy McPherson - Speaker, Scientist | UN Getting More Pessimistic In Details Leaked from Climate Report

    Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist & Syndicated Columnist | The Prosecution of the Trump Organization, Biden/Harris Admin's Deep Internal Problems

    In our first hour, we were joined by Bryan MacDonald to take a look at Vladimir Putin's extended term limits, what he'd be looking for in a successor, and to debate whether or not the Americans would have declared war if Russia had taken out the British ship sailing too close to Crimea.

    In our second hour, we were joined by Scott Ritter to review Donald Rumsfeld's life, work, and roles in the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, looking into Scott's run-ins with Rumsfeld and what they taught him about the recently deceased two-time Secretary of Defense. We then spoke with Guy McPherson about whether climate change is an existential threat or merely a humanitarian crisis.

    In our third hour, we were joined by Ted Rall to talk about the charges brought against the Trump Organization, whether prosecutors can get Allen Weisselberg to flip on Trump, and to take a look at Biden's sagging support among Democrats and Kamala Harris' internal camp divisions, which don't shed a positive light on her capacity to unite an administration as prospective future president.

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