16:10 GMT26 July 2021
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    Ethiopian Rebels Retake Tigrayan Capital of Mekele

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, host Jamarl Thomas talked with guests about American politicians' absolute inability to address American needs, the further breakdown of the case against Assange, Tigrayans retaking their largest city in Ethiopia, and the prospect of a new X-Files department.


    Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist, Syndicated Columnist. & Author | Biden's Infrastructure Plan & Political Fear

    Misty Winston - Political Activist & Organizer | Assange Case Breaks Down Further

    Teodrose Fikre - Co-Founder and Former Editor of Ghion Journal | Tigrayans Retake Regional Capital, Ethiopian Gov Retreats

    Steve Grumbine - Political, Economic and Social Justice Activist | Medicare for All, State by State

    Michael Maloof - Former Senior Security Policy Analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense | New UFO Report Calls for an X-Files Department

    In our first hour, we were joined by Ted Rall to talk about politicians' absolute inability to respond meaningfully to COVID-19, failing to make the major changes Americans need economically as tens of millions reel out of balance.

    In our second hour, we were joined first by Misty Winston to talk about the Assange case breaking down ever further as a major witness against Assange says that his critical testimony was faked to gain immunity against prosecution. After we were joined by Teddy Fikre to talk about the Ethiopian government retreating from Mekele as the powerful Tigrayan People's Liberation Front retook the city. Last we were joined by Steve Grumbine to talk about individual states pushing for Medicare for all.

    In our third hour, we were joined by Mike Maloof to talk about the possibility of a new and more prominent X-Files-style department following the release of a UFO report last Friday that calls for funding for a new initiative to study unidentified aerial phenomena.

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