02:53 GMT16 May 2021
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    Biden's Address to Congress: Infrastructure, COVID, and Conflict with China

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan played Biden's address to Congress in full and then spoke with guests about the speech, focusing on whether Biden can get the plans he's proposing through Congress and where the Democrats are heading on policy.


    Carmine Sabia – Writer & Editor at Large at SabiaReport.com | Biden's Address to Congress, Education

    Margaret Kimberley – Senior Columnist and Editor for Black Agenda Report | Biden's Address to Congress

    Kim Iversen – Independent Journalist and Host of the Kim Iversen Show | Biden's Address to Congress

    After playing the entirety of Biden's address last night to Congress in our first hour, in our second hour, we were joined by Carmine Sabia to talk about the plans and policies Biden committed his administration to and what he'll do if he can't get those plans through. We then moved to a spirited debate on the role of education and whether the government should pay for it.

    In our third hour, we were joined by Margaret Kimberley and Kim Iversen for a panel discussion on Biden's speech. We talked about what Biden left out when he talked about removing lead from water delivered to American homes, what Biden's tried to accomplish with his speech and whether it succeeded, and Republican Senator Tim Scott's misplaced response to Biden on race in America.

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