06:34 GMT16 May 2021
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    Media Blackout on Ukrainian Troop Buildup, CDC and FDA Call for Pause on J&J Shot

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked about the riots in Northern Ireland, media blackouts on the troop build-up in Ukraine, a private investigation into Tara Reade, the Derek Chauvin trial and shooting of Daunte Wright, and Biden's immigration policy.


    Alexander Mercouris – Editor-in-Chief at The Duran | Riots in Northern Ireland, Ukrainian/Russian Troop Build-up

    Tara Reade – Author and Survivor | Ryan Wentz's Visit from the Cops and the Private Investigation Into Tara Reade

    Carmine Sabia – Writer & Editor at Sabia Report | Police Abuse of Power with Daunte Wright & George Floyd, Biden's Imitation of Trump on Immigration

    In our first hour, we were joined by Alexander Mercouris to talk about the potential for the political disintegration of the United Kingdom as riots take place in Northern Ireland and the region inches closer to full political integration with the Republic of Ireland. We turned to Ukraine, looking at the media's blinders when covering the ongoing war in Ukraine and the recent build-up of Russian troops on the border - leaving out that the Ukrainians moved their forces to the border first. 

    In our second hour, we were joined by Tara Reade to talk about a story she just made public: that in December she received a letter from a lawyer for Twitter disclosing that they had been subpoenaed for her account records and had to fight the courts to let her know about it. We also talked about Ryan Wentz, a podcast host who got a visit from California Highway Patrol officers over an innocuous tweet making fun of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

    In our last hour, we were joined by Carmine Sabia to talk about the ongoing Derek Chauvin trial and the shooting of Daunte Wright. We looked at what roles police should take in our society, and whether they should face legal repercussions for committing what would otherwise be seen as crimes while doing their jobs, before turning to Biden's immigration moves and the new deal with Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras militarizing the country's borders to stop the flow of migrants into the United States.

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