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    Iranian-American Nuclear Talks and the Trouble Brewing in Ukraine

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the tax proposals in Biden's infrastructure bill, what Iran and the US are bringing to the table for indirect negotiations on the JCPOA, and the latest military buildup in Ukraine.


    Luis Elizondo – Former Director Of AATIP | UAPs and Hard Questions, Part Two

    Steve Grumbine – Founder of Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action | Biden's Corporate Tax Hike

    John Kiriakou – Co-host of The Backstory & Former CIA Officer | Iran & USA Entering Indirect Negotiations on JCPOA

    Lee Stranahan – Co-host of The Backstory | Escalation in Ukraine and the Possibility of War with Russia

    In our first hour, we spoke with Luis Elizondo, a former program director for the American government's program investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, about research into advanced material technologies salvaged from downed vehicles, what that research yielded, and how the American public would respond if everything the program was investigating was brought to light.

    As Congress debates the size and merits of Biden's infrastructure bill, we spoke with Steve Grumbine about the prospect of a tax hike for corporations and what he'd propose instead: taxes levied directly on the CEOs and shareholders of big companies.

    We turned to the increasingly tense relationship between Iran and the United States with our next guest, John Kiriakou, who gave us his take on the talks: Biden would be better off pushing for a hasty return to the JCPOA. We talked about the motivations for America's shaky policy on the Iran nuclear deal and did our best to disinter the buried news on what led to the deal's creation and its breakdown.

    In our last hour, we were joined by Lee Stranahan to talk about ongoing escalation in the country of Ukraine. Media in the West has painted this as a Russian-driven campaign of military escalation, leaving out Ukrainian troop movements and worrying domestic political and media suppression in the country. Lee gave us his take on why the United States might back a doomed war: media in the West could paint it as Russian aggression and use it to justify a deepening of tensions.

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