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    Biden Boasts the Bill While De Blaiso Begs the Boot

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan discuss the headlines that include, Biden’s address to the American people on the anniversary of the Coronavirus Pandemic.


    Joel Segal – Former Congressional Staffer | Biden’s Speech and a Democrat Victory Lap

    Carmine Sabia – Writer and Editor at Large at SabiaReport.com| Biden’s Speech and Democrats’ COVID Response

    Peter Lavelle – Host of The Gaggle | Tucker Carlson Vs the NYTimes, National Guard

    George Szamuely – Host of The Gaggle | Tucker Carlson Vs the NYTimes, National Guard

    Margaret Kimberly – Senior Columnist and Editor for Black Agenda Report | The Trial of Derek Chauvin

    Michael Goodwin – Journalist and Columnist at The NY Post | Bill de Blasio: Cuomo’s Gotta Go


    Biden has signed the Covid-19 Relief bill in what is viewed as a victory for the Democratic party. Joel Segal joins the show to discuss the effectiveness of the Biden administration’s actions for the American people and what was missing in the relief bill. Carmine Sabia continues this conversation to discuss the lack of an increase in minimum wage.

    The NY Times has claimed that the Democratic party deserves a victory lap for their handling of the pandemic. The Gaggle hosts Peter and George join the show to discuss whether or not this victory lap is well deserved.

    Derek Chauvin, the cop responsible for the murder of George Floyd, has had a third-degree murder charge reinstated. The Black Agenda Report’s Margaret Kimberly speaks more about these charges and how she frames the case and trial of Chauvin.

    Mayor Bill De Blasio has come forth demanding Governor Cuomo to step down amid more accusations about sexual misconduct. Michael Goodwin gives his thoughts on Cuomo’s political fate and the fight for his political life and freedom.


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