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    Impeachment 2.0: Has Congress Cooled Off? Or "To the Fullest Extent"?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan discuss the historic impeachment happening this week. Trump is still dominating the headlines for his work as the former president.


    Steve Grumbine - Founder of Real Progressives | Biden Policy: $15/hr $300/child

    Miko Peled - Human Rights Activist | Netanyahu Walks Out On Trial

    Carmine Sabia - Editor at Sabia Report | Trump Impeachment 2.0 Begins

    Joel Segal - Former Congressional Staffer | Trump Impeachment 2.0 Begins

    Jackson Hinkle - Host of The Dive | MPP vs ORLA

    Chris Smalls - Founder of TCOEW | Unions Forming at Amazon?

    Yesterday, Democrats in Congress put forth legislation to provide up to $300 in monthly cast benefits for American families. This is in addition to the proposed $15 per hour minimum wage. Activist Steve Grumbine outlines the proposal. Activist Chris Smalls discusses the latest proposals of his group, The Congress of Essential Workers.

    Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel on trial for corruption. His case has not been going very well for him. Miko Peled is an author who is has been closely following this story since its inception. He updates us on what is happening in the courtroom. 

    During the past 4 years at least Donald Trump has dominated the media headlines. Every day there was a news story about what he said or did. This time, he has reached the pinnacle with his historic impeachment trial regarding the historic riot at the Capitol. Journalist Carmine Sabia is on the right. He gives us his republican perspective. Former Congressional staffer Joel Segal is on the left. We listen to his point of view.

    With all of the news to focus on, Movement for a People's Party and Our Revolution LA are up to their own initiatives. The host of The Dive Jackson Hinkle explains who each group is, their purpose, and why we should be paying attention.

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