20:52 GMT24 February 2021
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    Inauguration Day 2021

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan reminisce on the Trump Administration's complicated and entertaining legacy. With the new president, we will likely see happier Americans and a stronger military-industrial complex.


    Joel Segal - Former Congressional Staffer | What the 'Left' Needs to Do NOW

    Tyler P. Nixon - Legal Counsel to Roger Stone | What the 'Right' Needs to Do NOW

    Kim Iversen - Independent Journalist | Biden / Harris Preview

    Today is the day that Trump relinquishes the oval office to the new president, Joe Biden. The left got their greatest desire which was to get Trump out of office. Now we face a transition that feels more like a re-establishment of the establishment rather than a fresh start. Former Congressional staffer Joel Segal explains how the left should maneuver with the new administration in place. Legal counsel to Roger Stone Tyler Nixon gives his right-wing perspective on the next phase of politics. Independent journalist Kim Iversen predicts how a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration may operate.

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