03:26 GMT25 October 2020
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    Trump's Troubling Trip Outside Walter Reed

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan discuss Trump's special appearance. On Friday, Trump confirmed his COVID-19 diagnosis. On Sunday, Trump left quarantine to do a surprise drive-by for his supporters.


    Maram Susli - Geopolitical Analyst and Chemist | BBC Is Not Covering Syria Accurately

    Adam Eidinger - Cannabis Activist | Micro-Dosing

    Nicholas Wilson - Anti-Corruption Activist and Whistleblower | FinCen, HSBC, Money Laundering

    Scott Ritter - Former UN Weapons Inspector and WMD Whistleblower | Could Trump's COVID Lead To A Deal On New START

    It should come as no surprise that mainstream media is strategically selective with covering stories. Syria is in a very complex situation. Geopolitical Analyst Maram Susli specializes in Syrian news. She joins the hosts to explain how BBC's Syrian coverage is inaccurate.

    Cannabis legalization is rapidly expanding in the United States. Now, some of those same activists are pushing for microdosing. The main guy behind the push, Adam Eidinger, comes on the show to define microdosing and the possible positive effects.

    Money laundering is an international issue amongst some of the most powerful people in the world; however, it seems like no one is ever being held accountable. Anti-corruption activist Nicholas Wilson points out some of the worst cases that are receiving no attention.

    After all of the jokes, President Trump has tested positive for COVID-19. Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter gives his perspective on what might happen as a result of this diagnosis.

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