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    Middle East Peace Deal Leaves Many Wondering

    Fault Lines
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    On today’s episode of Fault Lines, hosts Shane Stranahan and Jamarl Thomas discussed the news of the day and discussed a variety of topics from the UAE/Bahrain deal with Israel to the executed Iranian wrestler to “Zebellion.”


    Laith Marouf - Award-winning Multimedia Producer and Media Policy/Law Consultant | UAE/Bahrain Deal and the Latest on Beirut

    Medea Benjamin - Co-Founder of Human Rights Group Global Exchange and Peace Group 'CODEPINK' | Trump’s Iranian Policy and Building a Peace Movement

    Wyatt Reed - News Analyst and Producer for the Radio Sputnik show By Any Means Necessary | “Zebellion” and Head Injuries From Crowd Control Weapons

    In his opening monologue, Jamarl talked about the recent news story about a whistleblower nurse and explained why, based on his thirty years of dealing with hospitals, he believes people should always have someone with them in hospital to watch out for them and talked about how this was made harder under COVD-19.

    Then Jamarl and Shane were joined by Laith Marouf, who began by discussing the Trump administration's brokered peace “deal of the century” with Israel and various Arab Gulf states and said that it is a major betrayal to Palanstinians and pointed out that these states were manufactured by British and French forces and that the families connected to the house of Saud were brought in as leaders. He said that the peace deal is setting the stage for a war with Iran and said that the recent oil price drop was designed to hurt the economies of Russia, Iran and Venezuela. Turning to Lebanon, Laith said that the explosions and recent fires are connected to this effort to boost a Saudi-backed war with Iran as well.

    In the second hour, the hosts were joined by Medea Benjamin, and they began by discussing the Trump administration's recent statements and actions on Iran, which she says is dangerous. She also said she believes political parties are war parties, but the Obama administration was better on issues Like Cuba and Iran. Then they begin a discussion of the wider issue of promoting a peace movement, and Medea said that she thinks some groups such as Black Lives Matter do a good job of pointing out how the peace movement ties into other issues such as racial justice and the environment. Medea also repeated her strong support for voting for Biden in this election because she says it gives progressives much more leverage, and she pointed to the example of Joe Biden's recent involvement with the Poor People's Campaign as an example of this. They also discussed the effectiveness of the idea promoted by many libertarians that going after the military budget is an effective strategy for winning public support, and although it is an important issue, it is not the only approach she advocates.

    In the third hour, Shane and Jamarl spoke to Wyatt Reed, and they began by talking about a recent war planning report that describes how Generation Z sees itself as agents for social change, and Wyatt described scenarios where a decentralized band of cyber Robin Hoods steal from corporations and give to people around the world. Wyatt said that, while it’s no surprise the military is planning for these scenarios, it’s somewhat surprising that they acknowledge the problem of things like the instant transfer of millions of dollars though cybersecurity. Wyatt said that when the limits of liberalism show themselves, fascim shows itself, and he also said that the kind of Generation Z scenario discussed in the war planning would be a watershed movement exposing the fault lines. Wyatt discussed how he’s been hit by rubber bullets while covering protests and said there needs to be a reckoning for what he says are out-of-control cops and said that the man who shot and killed a member of Patriot Prayer was himself assassinated by police. Wyatt said the state exists to protect the status quo and acts accordingly. 


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