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    Trump Supporter Killed in Portland; AntiFa Gunman Suspected

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked about the news of the day and issues ranging from the protests and violence in Portland and Washington, DC, to Russia’s response to COVID-19 to Christianity in politics.


    Mark Sleboda - International Relations & Security Analyst | COVID-19 Protests in Germany 

    Adam Eidinger - Activist and Organizer in the Fight to Legalize Cannabis | Protests, Brutality & Mushroom Advocacy

    Carmine Sabia - Writer & Editor at Large at SabiaReport.com | Kamala & the Democrats

    In Jamarl's first hour monologue, he objected to “voter shaming” that he sees coming from the Democrats and aimed at progressives. 

    The hosts talked to Mark Sleboda and discussed the recent protests in Germany by people who are opposed to mask lockdowns and other restrictions that the government in Germany has put into place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mark said that while most of the protesters were on the right, there were also some protesters from the LGBTQ group and other traditionally left-wing groups. Mark said that German politicians were outraged when the protesters stormed the German parliament and discussed some of Germany's history with parliamentarians. They also discussed the reaction to COVID-19 restrictions in Russia, and Mark said that although he's been critical in the past of the Russian government’s response to the pandemic, recently Putin experienced lower numbers in part due to his handling of the crisis. They also discussed the reaction in Russia to the recent confrontation between the United States and Russian troops in Syria.

    In the second hour, the hosts were joined by Adam Eidinger, who talked about his experience protesting in Washington, DC, recently and decried what he sees as police brutality. Adam says he believes that Donald Trump is the root of most of these problems and praised the Democrats for a more even-headed response. Adam highlighted his personal experience, including an injury he suffered, and compared his reaction to it to protests because of the way the Obama administration treated protesters. He also discussed the possible legalization of psychedelic mushrooms in some states and criticized the lack of federal policy on marijuana legalization that has resulted in higher prices, he says, because restrictions are in place that doesn't allow for outdoor cultivation in urban areas.

    In the third hour, Shane and Jamal talked to Carmine Sabia and started the discussion by asking whether Christians can be conservative. Carmine said he thinks that no Christian could support what the Democrats are supporting nowadays, including protests and riots, and discussed what he sees as Jesus's view on the role of government in man's life. Carmine rejected the idea that Jesus was a refugee, pointing out Mary and Joseph were refugees and that they had returned home to Bethlehem. They also discussed some of the work Carmine says is complete hypocrisy on behalf of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi on the issue of abortion. Then they discussed the protest. Carmine took the view that the Kenosha shootings were done in self-defense.

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