15:33 GMT30 September 2020
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    Kenosha Turns Deadly

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan discussed the news of the day and subjects like the Republican National Convention, the violent riots in Kenosha, COVID-19 facts, and Artificial Intelligence.


    Dr. Mikhail Kogan - Medical Director at the George Washington Center for Integrative Medicine | Latest Developments on COVID-19

    Elbert Guillory - Attorney, political activist, former member of both the Louisiana state Senate and Louisiana House of Representatives | Kenosha and the DNC 

    Ben Swann - Award-winning Television News Anchor, investigative journalist, and host on Boom Bust airing weekdays on RT America | Protests and COVID-19 Cures

    In Jamarl's first hour monologue, he expressed disgust with Black Lives Matter activists who attempted to force a woman dining in Washington, DC, to raise her fist.

    Then the hosts talked to Dr. Kohan about the recent cases of reinfection of COVID-19, and he said it’s consistent with a new study that shows antibodies don’t seem to last after a mild case and this may show that vaccines might not be effective. Dr. Kogan also talked about the issue of schools opening and said new data has come out showing transmission rates for young people are similar to rates for older people and said it may be time to admit mistakes were made in places like Florida and Alabama and reverse course in order to avert a potential disaster.

    In the second hour, Shane and Jamarl talked to civil rights movement vet Elbert Guillory about the Jacob Blake shooting and Kenosha riots, and he said that Blake bears some responsibility for the shooting and that in this nation, children need to be taught to obey police on the streets and not to burn the country to the ground. Then they discussed the political conventions, and Guillory said that as a former Democrat he didn’t enjoy the DNC, which he found to be too anti-American, and he also said the Republican convention has impressed him so far, citing the speech by Nick Sandmann as an example. Guillory also bluntly listed Joe Biden’s flaws as a candidate.

    In the third hour, Shane and Jamarl discussed Kenosha and the #BlackLivesMatter protests with Ben Swann, who said he’s concerned that the violence and looting are overtaking any legitimate message the movement has, and he thinks people aren’t looking at the issue of how police funding is related to the police being a revenue source through fines.  Ben said he thinks the waters have been muddied about Hydroxychloroquine, and he also said he’s concerned that low cost treatments for coronavirus aren’t being pursued due to the influence of Big Pharma. Ben also pointed out that two of the major studies on Hydroxychloroquine  were retracted. 

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