01:12 GMT08 August 2020
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    Protest Violence Escalates

    Fault Lines
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    On today's episode of Fault Lines, hosts Shane Stranahan and Jamarl Thomas covered a variety of topics ranging from the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests to the nature of capitalism to the latest revelations about the Steele Dossier and the latest news headlines.


    Alexander Mercouris - Editor-in-Chief at TheDuran.com |  New Steele Dossier Shocker

    Pete Ingami - Radio host, blogger | Democrats Repeat Anti-Fed Talking Points From Civil War

    Mark Frost - Economist, professor, consultant, drummer, Eagle Scout, Marine, libertarian’ish | Portland Protests and Property Rights

    Wyatt Reed - Sputnik News Analyst and Producer for By Any Means Necessary, which airs on Radio Sputnik M-F from 2-4 PM | Attacks on Journalists in Portland

    In today's first hour, Jamarl's monologue dealt with the subjective nature of values. Then the hosts were joined by Alexander Mercouris, who discussed the revelation that the "primary sub source" in Christopher Steele’s dossier was a researcher for the Brookings Institute. Alexander said that this new information is yet another fatal blow to the dossier having any credibility whatsoever. Then they discussed the protests sweeping across the US and contrasted them with the Yellow Vest protests in France. Alexander said he believes that, while the Black Lives Matter protesters were making a valid point about police brutality, they've been co-opted by the Democratic establishment in a way the protesters in France have not been. They also discussed the difficulty UK voters had in voting for Boris Johnson due to his position on Brexit, knowing that he planned to dismantle Britain’s NHS.

    In the second hour, they were joined by Pete and Kami and discussed Pete’s recent article saying that the Democrats’ arguments against federal troops being used in Portland are repeating arguments they made in the past about ending slavery and the Civil Rights Movement.

    Then Shane and Jamarl were joined by Mark Frost, who gave his view on the protests, particularly in Portland, and stated that his primary value was property rights and that the two months of attacks in Portland had convinced him to do something he thought might've been impossible, which is to vote for Donald Trump. They also discussed the nature of capitalism and whether it made sense to value property over human life.

    In the third hour, the hosts discussed whether the group Act Blue is simply an arm of the Democratic Party and whether the Black Lives Matter movement should disambiguate themselves from the Democrats and declare an independent ideology.

    Then they were joined by Radio Sputnik producer Wyatt Reid, who has been at the protests in Portland. They discussed what he said was the "beauty" of the community that has been formed there to fight against federal law enforcement that has been dispatched to the area. He also discussed interviews he's done with Portland mayor Ted Wheeler and talking to the "Wall of Moms."

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