07:39 GMT24 November 2020
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    WHO Meeting an Opportunity for COVID Collaboration Between USA, China

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon & Lee Stranahan talked with guests about recent job losses in the US, how the country's healthcare system is handling the pandemic, and to talk about the latest in the Bill Browder story.


    Caleb Maupin - Speaker, writer, journalist, political analyst, and author of 'City Builders and Vandals in Our Age: Articles and Essays on Socialism' | Jobs, Healthcare, and China, US Sanctions, and Australian Beef

    Daniel Lazare - Journalist, Author of several books about the US Constitution and American urban policy | Trump to Withhold Benefits, Force People Back to Work & The War on Fauci

    Lucy Komisar - Investigative journalist focusing on corporate and financial corruption | Australia's Browder Panel

    In our first hour, we were joined by Caleb Maupin to discuss America's sky-high unemployment claims and its teetering healthcare industry. We also talked about the effects of American sanctions on China's economy and looked at how agricultural trade around the world has been altered by the US's trade policy over recent decades.

    In our second hour, we spoke with Daniel Lazare about America's policy response and relief programs, whether recent economic lockdowns have been triggered more by government fiat or by the forces of nature, and to take a look at Anthony Fauci's dubious role as a scapegoat for the coronavirus skeptic community.

    In our third hour, we spoke with Lucy Komisar about Australia's push to pass its own Magnitsky Act, Bill Browder's role as an agent of international aggravation, and to talk about her recent research into the team of witnesses called by the Australian government.

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