20:40 GMT25 October 2020
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    United Kingdom Issues 'Stay-at-Home' Order as US Stocks Rebound Over Hopes of Stimulus

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon & Lee Stranahan took another deeper look into the coronavirus pandemic and the measures governments around the world are taking in response to it. We talked about the stimulus package being debated and the economics of disasters.


    Andrew Spannaus - American Journalist and Writer in Italy | Italy in lockdown

    Anna Brees - Former BBC Reporter, New Media Consultant | UK government telling citizens to stay at home

    Carmine Sabia - Writer & Managing Editor at TheFederalistPapers.org | Coronavirus response and party politics on relief bill

    Richard D. Wolff - Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts | Alternatives to and attributes of capitalism

    Mark Frost - Economist, professor, consultant, drummer, eagle scout, marine, libertarian’ish | Economics of quarantines

    Michael Nevradakis - Host of Dialogos Radio, Teacher at the American College of Greece | Greece in lockdown

    We were joined by three guests to discuss countries in Europe in lockdown over the pandemic, Andrew Spannaus from Italy, Anna Brees from Wales, and Michael Nevradakis from Greece. We looked at day-to-day life in each of the countries, talked about UK British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to command citizens to stay at home last night, and how these measures are being taken by locals around the world.

    We were joined by Carmine Sabia to talk about the stimulus package being deliberated on in Congress, what 'playing party politics' really means and whether it matters as an accusation, and to try to pry apart the unseen core of the superficial political divides in our country.

    We were joined again by Marxian Economist Richard D. Wolff and libertarian economics professor Mark Frost for their two very different economic interpretations of the consequences of these political events.

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