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    The Merits of 'Socialism' vs. 'Capitalism': Debate on Fault Lines Today

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon & Brian Becker discussed the merits and drawbacks of today's most prominent socioeconomic ideologies. We also talked about what actions you might take to prep for COVID-19, and we took a look at the ongoing trial of Julian Assange.


    Robert Wenzel - Economist, Writer at EconomicPolicyJournal.com | Capitalism vs. socialism

    Niko House - Political Activist and Broadcast Journalist, Founder and CEO of the 'MCSC Network' | Free speech rights and libel laws in the competition between the establishment media and the president

    Annette Bosworth - Internal Medicine Physician and former South Dakota senatorial candidate | Coronavirus preparation

    Walter Smolarek - Producer for Loud and Clear with Brian Becker & John Kiriakou on Radio Sputnik | Assange's trial

    John Kiriakou - Former CIA Officer, Co-Host of 'Loud and Clear', Author of books including 'The CIA Insider's Guide to the Iran Crisis' and 'The Reluctant Spy' | Loud & Clear intro and overview

    This morning we were glad to have one of the founders of the Party for Socialism and Liberation as a co-host, and we decided to have a conversation about the most important ideological dynamics of our time. We were joined by Robert Wenzel to debate about the real definitions and effects of 'socialism' and 'capitalism' after they've been made threadbare by a century of political theater. The theme of this conversation continued with Niko House, when we discussed the rights and duties of the press and the president and where to strike the balance between letting people speak freely and punishing lies and libel.

    We were joined by Annette Bosworth to look at the coronavirus, what threat it poses, and what you can do to prepare. We talked about whether you should bother wearing a face mask and how you can prepare your body to deal with the coronavirus -- and any other sickness.

    We were glad to be joined by Sputnik Radio producer Walter Smolarek for another update on the ongoing hearing about whether the UK should allow the United States to extradite Julian Assange.

    For our last segment we were joined by CIA whistleblower and cohost of Loud & Clear, John Kiriakou, to talk about his show with Brian and to introduce new listeners to the format, content, and what takes and stories you can expect to hear if you listen in.

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