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    Iran Finally Admits to Shooting Down Plane, Causing No Casualties in US Base Attack

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan attempt to decode the US-Iran conflict. Now Iran admits there were zero casualties from the missile attack and they accidentally shot down the Ukrainian plane.


    Patrick Henningsen - Founder of independent news website 21st Century Wire | Iran Lied About Casualties, Plane Crash -- What's the Truth?

    Bob Schlehuber - Producer for By Any Means Necessary here on Radio Sputnik | Taiwan's Election Outcome

    Stephen Lendman - Author and Geopolitical Analyst | What's the RIGHT Response to Iran?

    Mark Frost - Economist, professor, consultant, drummer | Rush Drummer Neil Peart's Death

    Pat Ryan - AI Warfare Specialist | Deepfakes

    First, Iran claimed the missile attack on the US facility in Iraq killed 80 US personnel. Iran has since admitted that it was a lie. Then, Iran denied accidentally shooting down the Ukrainian commercial airplane. Iran has since admitted they did in fact shoot the plane down due to human error. Founder of 21st Century Wire Patrick Henningsen joins the guys to try to find the truth. Stephen Lendman, a geopolitical analyst, gives his opinion on how the US should respond.

    Taiwan's incumbent Tsai Ing-wen of the DDP won. With 8.2 million votes, the most any leader has secured since its first direct presidential elections in 1996, Tsai was elected for a second presidential term. Bob Schlehuber, a Sputnik correspondent, is reporting live from Taiwan. He explains China's role in the big picture.

    Neil Peart died last week at the young age of 67. He was the drummer and lyricist for the Canadian prog-rock band Rush for more than 40 years. Mark Frost is a regular on Fault Lines as an economist but today he comes on the show as a drummer to reflect on the legacy of Peart.

    Deepfakes are taking over. A person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else using artificial neural networks. The edit can be nearly undetectable. What does this mean for the court system and society as a whole? AI warfare specialist Pat Ryan explains the power of deep fakes.

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