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    The British Choice

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the general election happening today in the UK. As voters head to the polls, it is unclear which party is in the lead.


    Maram Susli - Political Commentator and Geopolitical Analyst | Syria, Iraq, and the Kurds

    Talib Karim - Attorney and Executive Director of STEM4US | Impeachment

    Carmine Sabia - Writer & Managing Editor at TheFederalistPapers.org | Impeachment

    Mike Robinson - Editor-in-chief of UKColumn.org | British Election

    Mark Frost - Economist and Professor | The Fed's Options

    Ariel Gold - National Co-Director at Code Pink | Executive Order on Judaism

    Despite an official ceasefire, violence has continued in northeast Syria. Hundreds of Syrian Kurds have returned home from Iraqi refugee camps over recent weeks despite fears for their safety. Geopolitical analyst Maram Susli gives us an update on the conflict.

    The House Judiciary Committee is voting on articles of impeachment against President Trump for charges that are still unclear to many. Attorney Talib Karim explains why he believes the impeachment inquiry is an enormous distraction for a much bigger initiative. Managing editor at The Federalist Papers Carmine Sabia agrees the impeachment hearings are ridiculous. Meanwhile, the economy is at record highs. Economist Mark Frost outlines the connection between impeachment and the strong economy.

    The polls are officially open in the United Kingdom. Fault Lines cohost Lee Stranahan is covering the UK election live in London. Editor-in-Chief of UK Column Mike Robinson joins the show for the first time to explain why this election is so important.

    Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order against anti-Semitism. National co-director at CodePink Ariel Gold comes on the show to lay out some of Trump's recent speeches that are the epitome of anti-Semitism.

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