11:34 GMT05 March 2021
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    Wait... Obama Will Stop Bernie From Becoming Nominee?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss breaking news that former President Obama reportedly said if Bernie Sanders held a strong lead in the Democratic primary, he would speak out to prevent him from becoming the nominee.


    Vanessa Beeley - International Investigative Journalist | Disinformation on Syria

    Harley Schlanger - Political Activist for the LaRouche Foundation Worldwide currently stationed in Germany | Bill Browder and Fraud in the Ukraine Investigation

    Piers Robinson - Co-Director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies | OPCW Whistleblower

    Kit Klarenberg - Investigative journalist documenting state crimes against democracy | The Anti-Russian Information Complex

    Niko House -  Political Activist and Broadcast Journalist, Founder and CEO of the 'MCSC Network' | Obama's Anti-Sanders Politicking

    Dennis Speed - Writes for the Executive Intelligence Review | Ukraine on Fire and Revealing Ukraine Review

    Syria is a very complex and ambiguous political situation. The OPCW whistleblower has shaken things up even further. Investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley discusses the disinformation on Syria. Co-director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies Piers Robinson talks about the OPCW whistleblower. Disinformation regarding Syria is as intense as the anti-Russian information complex. Investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg discusses how Russia is being painted.

    President Obama privately said he would speak up to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders from becoming the Democratic presidential nominee if he held a strong lead in the primary. Political activist Niko House explains how this news was released and what Obama might mean.

    Ukraine is another situation that is very complex and difficult to understand. Two new guests, both members of the La Rouche organization come on the show. Political activist Harley Schlanger explains the fraud going on in the Ukraine investigation. Dennis Speed writes for the Executive Intelligence Review and gives his opinion on the films 'Ukraine on Fire' and 'Revealing Ukraine'.

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