18:48 GMT28 October 2020
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    Rest in Peace John Conyers

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, host Garland Nixon and guest host Jamarl Thomas discuss the legacy of the late John Conyers. He was the longest-serving African American Congressman and the founder of the Congressional Black Caucus.


    Margaret Kimberley - Editor of 'Black Agenda Report' | The Return of Hillary

    Patrick Henningsen -  Founder of Website 21st Century Wire | Banned From Facebook

    Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Counter-Terrorism and Counterintelligence Investigator | Impeachment & Ukraine

    Andrew Bacevich - Professor of history and international relations at Boston University | Trump, Impeachment & Forgetting What Brought Him Into the White House

    Robert Driscoll - Attorney for Maria Butina | Maria Butina Released to Russia

    Hillary Clinton has resurfaced to attack different democratic presidential candidates.  Editor of 'Black Agenda Report' Margaret Kimberley wrote a poignant article describing how she is back and what that means for the elections.

    The major social media platforms are now infamous for censoring.  The latest victim is an independent news website 21st Century Wire.  The founder Patrick Henningsen comes on the show to explain how his site has been blocked from posting content.

    There is still discussion about impeaching Trump, even though plenty of lawmakers have spoken out against it.  Former CIA Investigator Kevin Shipp outlines the steps of impeachment and the real issues at hand that need to be addressed.  A professor at Boston University Andrew Bacevich gives his take on impeachment.

    Maria Butina has been painted as a Russian spy, but she was never a spy.  Maria Butina's attorney Robert Driscoll discusses the details of her release.

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