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    Fault Lines

    Is the United States Actually Leaving Syria?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, host Garland Nixon interviews multiple guests to discuss whether the United States is actually planning to leave Syria. Russia is emerging as the mediator in the dispute.


    Stephen Lendman -  Writer and Geopolitical Analyst | Russian-Mediated Syria

    Dilyana Gaytandzhieva -  Independent Investigative Journalist | Serbian Arms Trafficking

    Piers Robinson - Co-Director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies | Syrian Chemical Attack

    Ian Shilling - Geopolitical Analyst, Researcher & Blogger | An English Christmas Election?

    Annette Bosworth - Internal Medicine Physician | Understanding Blood Glucose

    Tim Canova - Law Professor & Future Candidate for Congress in Florida | Tulsi, Bernie, and the Primaries

    Peter Lavelle - Host of CrossTalk on RT, American Journalist | Russia's Mediation of the Syrian War

    Ryan Cristian - Founder and Editor of The Last American Vagabond | US Departure from the Middle East

    The conflict involving Syria is the most important foreign policy news right now.  Geopolitical analyst Stephen Lendman outlines Russia's role.  Co-director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies Piers Robinson discusses the Syrian chemical attack.  Peter Lavelle, the host of CrossTalk on RT, gives his opinion on Russia's position.  Lastly, the founder of The Last American Vagabond, Ryan Cristian predicts what the troops will actually do.

    There are plenty of other foreign policy events happening that should be discussed.  In particular, Serbian arms trafficking.  We bring on a new guest, independent investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, to introduce us to the story.  Also, Ian Shilling, our on-the-ground regular guest located in the UK, gives us an update on Brexit.

    Our bodies are very sensitive and we consume foods that are unnecessary.  Our favorite internal medicine physician, Dr. Annette Bosworth, explains glucose, carbs, and how to eat to live.

    The primaries are fast approaching.  The polls say one thing and Google says another, but social media might be the best place to go for understanding who is in the lead.  Tim Canova, a candidate for Congress in Florida, breaks down the primaries, including the campaigns of Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders.

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