11:56 GMT05 March 2021
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    How Do We Find the Truth Regarding Ukraine-Biden?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss how to sift through propaganda when reading popular news sources. The latest news to be propagandised is the Ukraine-Trump scandal.

    Kit Klarenberg - Investigative journalist documenting state crimes against democracy | Twitter's MI6 Exec and What is 'Citizens=Network'?

    Eric Ladny - Former Fault Lines Senior Producer and Savage Sports Correspondent | CA Lets College Athletes Make Money

    Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Counter-Terrorism and Counterintelligence Investigator | Yesterday's Subpoenas and the 'Whistleblower' Plant and WaPo's CIA History

    Danny Sjursen - Retired US Army Officer and Former History Instructor at West Point | War with Iran? A Mistake

    There is a finanical tie between some of our major technology companies, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, and the Integrity Initiative. Kit Klarenbert, an investigative journalist documenting state crimes against democracy, introduces Twitter's MI6 executive.

    California is home to multiple Division I NCAA Basketball teams whose games are broadcast on major networks nationwide. While the school and coaches rake in millions of dollars, the student athletes are the product and only get their school paid for as a piece of the enourmous pie. Former Senior Producer for Fault Lines Eric Ladny comes back for a Savage Sports segment to discuss the law that has allowed college athletes to get paid.

    In the midst of the Ukraine-Biden scandal, the understanding of a whistleblower for many people is a gray area. Former CIA Counter-Terrorism and Counteritelligence Investigator, Kevin Shipp, explains his perspective on the recent subpoenas and Trump.

    Mike Pompeo wants to go to war. MBS has made it clear going to war with Iran will collapse the global economy. Danny Sjursen, retired US Army Officer and former history instructor at West Point, shares his views on Trump being the one preventing war in this scenario.  

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