10:52 GMT17 January 2021
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    Are the Left and Right Still Left and Right?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan recap the Houston Democratic Debate that took place last night. Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard was excluded despite being a clear favorite among anti-war voters.


    Dr. Lakisha Jenkins - Founding President of the California Cannabis Industry Association | Is Vaping Dangerous? Or Are Recent Stories Overblown?

    Niko House - Political Activist and Broadcast Journalist | What Does Tulsi Getting Kicked Out of the DNC Debates Mean for Politics?

    Jefferson Morley - Author of "The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton" | Did Israel Actually Spy on the White House?

    Eugene Puryear - Co-Host of 'By Any Means Necessary' | Last Night's Democratic Debates

    President Trump is addressing the illnesses and deaths related to vaping.  Founding President of the California Cannabis Industry Association, Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, explains the facts of vaping and the various methods of consuming cannabis.

    Last night in Houston, the "top" Democratic Presidential Candidates took the stage to debate.  Political Activist and friend of Tulsi Gabbard, Niko House, believes it was a mistake to exclude Tulsi from the debate.  Later in the show, Co-Host of 'By Any Means Necessary', Eugene Puryear, analyzes the topics discussed and the candidates on the stage last night.

    Yesterday, news broke that Israel was spying on the White House.  President Trump denied the allegations.  Jefferson Morley, a reporter for Deep State Blog, focuses on intelligence and secrecy.  He describes what he thinks happened and the fundamental flaws within the administration.

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