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    Fault Lines

    Influence of Online Forums and Gaming Culture on Society

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon discuss how certain aspects of internet and gaming culture shape the modern world and the ways in which some people interact in their day-to-day lives. Are concerns about these communities overblown, or can these groups be fairly connected to violent real-world events?


    Kit Klarenberg - Investigative Journalist w/ 'Sputnik News' | Delving Into 'Cambridge Analytica' and its History

    Pat Ryan - Artificial Intelligence Warfare Specialist | Online Influence Operations & Analyzing the Gaming Community/Internet Forums

    Whitney Webb - Staff Writer at Mint Press News | Understanding Jeffrey Epstein's Connections & Mass Surveillance Operations

    The political consulting data company 'Cambridge Analytica' gained notoriety in 2018 following public reports about its involvement and business association with Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaign. Kit Klarenberg, an Investigative Journalist with 'Sputnik News,' joins today's show to discuss the business practices of Cambridge Analytica, prominent individuals within the organization, some of their high-profile clients, and Steve Bannon's connection to the firm.

    Recent mass shootings have led some to focus on how certain websites and online forums, such as 8chan, along with the culture surrounding violent video games could relate to these deadly events. Pat Ryan, a Specialist in Artificial Intelligence Warfare, joins Garland and Lee in-studio to talk about the history of "chan" forums and websites, the demonization of gamers by the mainstream media, and if connections should be made between mass shootings and online gaming/forums. They also discuss the history of GamerGate, how followers can be purchased on Social Media, and Steve Bannon's history with the gaming community.

    For the final two segments, Garland and Lee are joined by MintPressNews.com Staff Writer Whitney Webb to continue delving into Jeffrey Epstein's connections and the history of sexual blackmail operations involving organized crime groups and the global intelligence community. This includes analyzing the importance of Epstein's associations with Les Wexner, Ghislaine Maxwell, and others. They also discuss the nature of mass surveillance being used against everyday citizens and the prevalence of these surveillance operations. 

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