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    Fault Lines

    Does Jeffrey Epstein 'Belong to Intelligence' and Who Are His Key Connections?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan continue to analyze the different aspects of the Jeffrey Epstein case and his connections to various powerful individuals and organizations. How do Epstein and the intelligence community tie together, and who are some of his most high-profile personal associates?


    Bob Schlehuber - Producer for 'By Any Means Necessary' | Protests in Puerto Rico & Governor Ricardo Rosselló's Future

    Susan Pai - Immigration Attorney | The US Political Asylum System and How it is Being Abused

    Tim Canova - Law Professor & Former Candidate for Congress in Florida | President Trump's Controversial Remarks, Democratic Infighting & The Jeffrey Epstein Case

    Whitney Webb - Staff Writer at MintPressNews.com | Connections in the Jeffrey Epstein Case & The History of Coordinated Blackmail Operations

    Protests in Puerto Rico stemming from political corruption and offensive leaked messages could force Governor Ricardo Rosselló to resign in the near future if pressure continues to mount. Bob Schlehuber, Producer for 'By Any Means Necessary' on Radio Sputnik, joins the hosts live from Puerto Rico to discuss these ongoing protests, how people on the ground are reacting to this current situation, the relationship between the police and protestors, and the longterm impact Hurricane Maria has had on the people and economy of Puerto Rico.

    Many people fleeing dangerous areas seek political asylum in the United States, however the asylum system is regularly abused by individuals seeking to attain this status under fraudulent circumstances. Immigration Attorney Susan Pai returns to 'Fault Lines' to explain how the US asylum system is supposed to work, how some people have been taking advantage of this process, the current backlog of cases, and how judges have been dealing with asylum cases in court.

    President Trump's suggestion that some members of Congress should consider leaving the country sparked new accusations of racism against the President which has further polarized Republican and Democratic voters. Tim Canova, a Law Professor & Former Candidate for Congress in Florida, joins the program to give his take on Trump's comments, the reaction from Democrats, and infighting within the Democratic Party. Additionally, they talk about the Jeffrey Epstein case and the reporting by the 'Miami Herald' about Epstein and his connection to high-profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

    For the final two segments, Garland and Lee are joined by Whitney Webb, a Staff Writer at MintPressNews.com, to talk in-depth about Jeffrey Epstein's personal connections and his links to the intelligence community. They also discuss the history of sexual blackmail operations by intel agencies, connections between government intelligence and organized crime, the timing of Epstein's arrest, and the potential impact of the Epstein case on politics in Israel.

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