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    Who Won Democratic Debate #1; Was Speaking in Spanish a Good Idea?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan react to last night's first Democratic Presidential debate which saw ten hopefuls make their case to a televised audience. What were the main policies that were discussed, and were Julián Castro, Beto O'Rourke, and Cory Booker smart or not for speaking Spanish during this event?


    Annette Bosworth MD - Internal Medicine Physician & Author | What Are the Main Health Concerns for American Men? 

    Bob Schlehuber - Producer for 'By Any Means Necessary' | LIVE from Miami: Breaking Down Round #1 of the Democratic Presidential Debate 

    Michelle Esquenazi - Bail Bondswoman | Remembering Beth Chapman & The State of the Bail Bonds Industry

    Whitney Webb - Staff Writer at 'Mint Press News' | US-Iran Tension & President Trump's Views on War

    Oftentimes, men will put off important preventative medical care despite the potential longterm health risks. Internal Medicine Physician Annette Bosworth "aka Dr. Boz" returns to the show to give advice related to some of the major health issues facing modern men such as heart disease, prostate related problems, and various forms of cancer.

    Yesterday was the first of two consecutive nights of Democratic Presidential debates which are getting the 2020 Election cycle into full swing. Bob Schlehuber, Producer for the show 'By Any Means Necessary,' joins Garland and Lee from Miami where he observed pre and post-debate activities, and together they will discuss the winners and losers of this debate, some of the most memorable moments from the night, and the role that identity politics is likely to play in this Primary Election.Sadly, Beth Chapman, one of the stars of the show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” passed away yesterday at the age of 51. Bail Bondswoman Michelle Esquenazi was personal friends with Chapman, and she joins Garland and Lee to talk about the legacy that Chapman leaves behind, her work in the bail bonds industry, how this industry functions, and the importance of having equal protection under the law for the underprivileged.

    Recent tension between the United States and Iran has nearly escalated into serious military action, but thus far President Trump has decided against such a move. Whitney Webb, a Staff Writer at Mint Press News, returns to 'Fault Lines' for a conversation about the oil tanker and drone incidents involving the US and Iran, President Trump's views on war and the US military, the civilian impact of economic warfare, and one of Whitney's colleagues at 'Mint Press News'  who was recently detained in Honduras.

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