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    Fault Lines

    Are YOU Engaging With Your Political Opponents or Trying to Silence Them?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the importance of allowing differing points of view in the public discourse in order to promote free speech and healthy political debate. Why are some people supporting increased online censorship, and should you be subjected to views that seem distasteful?


    Annette Bosworth MD aka 'Dr. Boz' — Internal Medicine Physician & Author | How to Have Diet and Exercise Long-term Sustainability

    Gareth Porter — Investigative Historian & Journalist | How the Mainstream Media has Covered US-Iran Relations

    Ali Alexander — Political Consultant | Free Speech Battles & Engaging with Opposing Points of View

    Starting a new diet or exercise routine is easy, but sustaining a program to get long-term results is much more challenging. Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Bosworth returns to 'Fault Lines' to give her take on how to sustain new workout and eating programs, quit bad habits, ease into new regimens, and redefine your view of failure to turn slip-ups into assets.

    Tension between the US and Iran has been rising in recent months, and much of the mainstream media reporting has been supportive of this escalation. Gareth Porter, an Investigative Historian & Journalist, joins today's show to discuss recent events involving the US and Iran, the media framing of these stories, the lack of pushback towards anti-Iran narratives, and how a geopolitical crisis can be manufactured in order to be exploited at a later date.

    As online censorship continues to increase, people in the political world are divided as to how this issue should be dealt with by big tech companies. Political Consultant Ali Alexander joins Garland and Lee for the final two segments for a conversation about the policing of speech and personal associations, how much censorship of their enemies people are willing to tolerate, the importance of consistency on issues of free speech, and people's willingness to have conversations with those who hold opposing viewpoints.

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