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    How Establishment Politics & Big Corporate Interests Betray Ordinary Citizens

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss how the current political order tends to neglect the desires and concerns of common working people in favor of big-money individuals/organizations. How are both Brexit and corporate America's close relationship with the US Government good examples of this tendency?


    Medea Benjamin — Co-Founder of Code Pink | Power Cut Off at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC

    Dr. Lakisha Jenkins — Traditional Naturopath, Registered Herbalist & Founding President of the California Cannabis Industry Association | Hallucinogenic Mushroom Referendum in Colorado & Benefits of CBD

    Ian Shilling — Geopolitical Analyst, Researcher & Blogger | UK Politics, The European Union & "The Brexit Party"

    Mark Frost — Economist and Professor | Recent Market Fluctuations, A Trade War with China & Uber's Upcoming IPO

    Ali Alexander — Political Consultant and Editorial Director of Culttture.com | Online Censorship & Corporate America's Close Relationship with the Federal Government

    Yesterday, power was cut off at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC as the Trump administration continues to support Juan Guaidó in his efforts to replace Nicolás Maduro as the President of Venezuela. Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder of Code Pink, was at the Embassy last night, and she joins today's show to talk about the situation at the Embassy, the latest details surrounding political turmoil in Venezuela, and National Security Advisor John Bolton's role in dictating US actions in Venezuela.

    A referendum in Denver, Colorado to decriminalize psilocybin, the psychoactive substance in hallucinogenic mushrooms, has narrowly passed as ongoing debates about the potential benefits/dangers of drugs and mind-altering substances continue to evolve. Dr. Lakisha Jenkins returns to the program to discuss the result of this referendum, herbalism, some benefits of CBD, and why more people are becoming open to alternative health options.

    "The Brexit Party" was just founded earlier this year and already appears to be as popular as the other major parties in the United Kingdom for its critical stance towards the European Union and establishment politics in the UK. Geopolitical Analyst and Blogger Ian Shilling joins Garland and Lee to talk about the popularity of "The Brexit Party," why people who supported Brexit feel disenfranchised, and expectations for the upcoming European Union elections.

    The financial markets have been fluctuating a great deal in recent days, and uncertain trade/tariff policies between the US and China are at least partially responsible. Economist and Professor Mark Frost joins the program for a conversation about trade relations between the US and China, the economic concerns surrounding Brexit, and expectations for Uber's upcoming IPO.

    Online censorship and the silencing of voices on social media has been on the rise, and this trend has further exposed the close relationship between certain 'Big Tech' firms in Silicon Valley and the Federal Government. Political Consultant Ali Alexander returns to the show to discuss the nature of online censorship, how large corporations cozy up to the Federal Government, and the possibility of breaking up some of these massive companies.

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