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    How Globalization and Populism Are Impacting the Modern World

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, host Garland Nixon talks with a variety of guests about global issues including tension in Israel, turmoil in Venezuela, and the politics of the European Union. How are current events being impacted by globalization/populism, and why are concerns of ordinary citizens being neglected by ruling elites around the world?


    Mark Sleboda — International Relations & Security Analyst | Trump/Putin Phone Call, Venezuela, and Pipeline Politics

    Ali Abunimah — Co-Founder of ElectronicIntifada.net | Escalating Tension/Violence in Israel and Gaza

    Andrew Spannaus — Political/Strategic Analyst & Writer | Globalization, Populism & The European Union

    Jacqueline Luqman & Abdus Luqman — Political Analysts | Analyzing Recent Events in Venezuela, Julian Assange, and Technological Advances

    Recently, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a phone call which could be viewed as a standard talk between two world leaders, but has predictably been reported on in a frenzied manner by some in the US mainstream media. International Relations Analyst Mark Sleboda returns to the program to give his thoughts on the relevance of this call, the current US role in Venezuela, implications of the recent Ukrainian Presidential Election, and pipeline politics involving Russia and the European Union.

    Following the deaths of four Palestinians in Gaza on Friday, rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel as tensions in the region have yet again escalated. Ali Abunimah, Co-Founder of ElectronicIntifada.net, joins today's show to analyze these recent events, how the Israeli election results may have changed the dynamics between the Israelis & Palestinians, and how the two sides reached their recent ceasefire.

    Some political elites in the western world have been quick to dismiss recent populist voting trends as unimportant and continue to do so at their own risk. Political and Strategic Analyst Andrew Spannaus is the author of a new book entitled, 'Original Sins. Globalization, Populism, and the Six Contradictions of the European Union,' which takes a look at the recent political trajectory of voters and countries within the EU. Spannaus joins today's episode of 'Fault Lines' to discuss his new book, some of the fundamental issues and economic concerns of citizens within the EU, and the importance of the upcoming EU elections.

    For the final two segments, Garland is joined in-studio by political analysts Jacqueline and Abdus Luqman for a conversation about US foreign policy and issues involving the future of media and technology. What are the Trump administration's current goals in Venezuela, what does the treatment of Julian Assange mean for independent journalism, and how will artificial intelligence continue to shape the world in which we live moving forward?

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