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    Fault Lines

    Is the Arrest of Julian Assange Imminent?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss recent reports suggesting that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may soon be expelled from the Embassy of Ecuador in London. If this occurs, what would it mean for Assange's future, and could he potentially be extradited to the United States for criminal prosecution?


    Cathy Vogan — Filmmaker & Independent Journalist | Julian Assange's Evolving Situation and Legal Danger

    Alex Krainer - Author of "Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax" | Understanding the Significance of Bill Browder's History

    Tim Canova — Law Professor & Former Candidate for Congress in Florida | Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange Under Threat & Joe Biden's Past…

    Peter Kuznick — Professor of History at American University | The US Congress Shows its Bipartisan Support for NATO

    Margaret Kimberley — 'Black Agenda Report' Editor and Senior Columnist | The Direction of US Foreign Policy & The Situation in Venezuela

    Yesterday, the verified WikiLeaks Twitter account tweeted that its Founder, Julian Assange, was likely to be expelled from the Embassy of Ecuador in London within "hours to days." Filmmaker and Independent Journalist Cathy Vogan joins Fault Lines for the first time to talk about this evolving situation, why Assange could be expelled, and the legal threats he will face if he is forced to leave his current location.

    Hedge fund manager Bill Browder is a central figure with regards to the increased tension between the United States and Russia. Hedge fund manager and author Alex Krainer returns to the program to discuss his book about Browder's shady past, Browder's acquisition of Russian companies, revelations from his depositions, and how this all factors into the ongoing RussiaGate saga.

    Both Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are currently facing legal trouble which many view as dangerous to the future of freedom and protection of rights in the Western world. Law Professor & Former Candidate for Congress Tim Canova joins Garland and Lee on today's show to give his thoughts on the treatment of both Manning and Assange and to discuss Joe Biden's problems from the past along with his chances to win the 2020 Democratic Primary.

    Earlier this week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg travelled to Washington DC to address the US Congress which was met with bipartisan support. Peter Kuznick, a Professor of History at American University, joins today's show to talk about Stoltenberg's speech to Congress, the relevance of NATO in the modern world, and how a high military budget impacts a country's economy.

    For the final two segments, Garland and Lee are joined in-studio by Margaret Kimberley, Editor and Senior Columnist of the 'Black Agenda Report.' Together they will discuss how US foreign policy tends to remain consistent through different administrations, the role NATO plays in US foreign policy, and how the situation in Venezuela has evolved over the past few months.

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