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    How Has US-Russia Relationship Been Impacted by RussiaGate?

    Fault Lines
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    Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the current nature of the relationship between the United States and Russia and how RussiaGate hysteria in the US has changed its dynamics. Will geopolitical relations become even more adversarial, and how have views of the respective citizenries been altered?


    Mark Sleboda — International Relations & Security Analyst | An Update on the Presidential Election in Ukraine & Fallout from RussiaGate

    Walker Haber — 15-Year-Old Trump Supporter from South Dakota Featured in the NY Times | How is the Trump Presidency Molding the Next Generation of Voters?

    Caleb Maupin — Journalist & Political Analyst | Reactions to the Mueller Investigation & Details of the Steele Dossier

    Jonathan Kuttab — Christian Palestinian Living in Jerusalem | Palestinian Evangelicals and Christian Zionism in Israel

    Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky won the First Round of Ukraine's Presidential Election and will now go head-to-head with current President Petro Poroshenko in the Second Round of the Election which will take place on April 21st. International Relations Analyst Mark Sleboda joins Garland and Lee on today's program to talk about the Ukrainian Presidential Election, some of the longterm effects of RussiaGate on the US-Russia relationship, and how President Trump's words and actions have differed with regards to US policy towards Russia.

    It seems evident that the current US political climate is extremely heated and that divisive rhetoric has become more commonplace. This also applies to the younger generation including some teenagers who are still not yet of voting age. One individual in this demographic is Walker Haber, a 15-year-old Trump supporter from South Dakota, who was recently quoted in a New York Times article about the next generation of politically engaged voters. Walker joins today's show to talk about the importance of politics with his generation, how he stays engaged with current events, and how politics can be extremely divisive even at his young age.

    Despite Robert Mueller's investigation and RussiaGate failing to pan out like many members of the mainstream media and US political establishment suggested it would, the impacts of this lengthy saga will continue to linger for the foreseeable future. Journalist & Political Analyst Caleb Maupin returns to the show to give his thoughts on the fallout from RussiaGate, the role played by the Steele Dossier, and why establishment Democrats are now trying to appear more hawkish towards Russia than President Trump and the Republican Party.

    There is a great deal of religious tension inside of Israel which contributes in large part to the political dynamics of the country. Jonathan Kuttab, a Christian Palestinian currently living in Jerusalem, joins Fault Lines for the first time to discuss the religious demographics inside of Israel, the nature of Christian Zionism, and how different religious groups are treated by the Israeli legal system.

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