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    Repetition, Omission & Misdirection - How the Mainstream Media Deceives...

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss some of the main tactics utilized by mainstream media outlets in order to shape narratives they want to feed the public. How does this impact reporting on major stories involving foreign affairs, finance, and censorship and what everyday Americans believe to be true?


    Nicholas Wilson (aka Mr. Ethical) — Whistleblower and Campaigner Fighting Political & Financial Corruption | HSBC & International Money Laundering

    Teodrose Fikre — Co-Founder of Ghion Journal | How and When is it Appropriate to Criticize President Obama?

    Alan Bernhoft - Musician, Filmmaker & Composer | Remembering Legendary Drummer Hal Blaine

    Ryan Cristián — Founder and Editor of The Last American Vagabond | Regime Change Wars & US Plans for Venezuela

    The massive international banking company HSBC has a history of being involved with serious financial crimes and money laundering for a variety of high-profile organizations. Nicholas Wilson, a whistleblower who used to be connected to the firm, returns to Fault Lines to talk about former members of the law enforcement community who went on to work for HSBC and the lack of media coverage surrounding the crimes and questionable past conduct of the financial giant.

    Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar has been under fire from the DC political establishment for comments she made about the US relationship with Israel. She has faced additional blowback for criticizing former President Obama and some of his foreign policy decisions while in office. Teodrose Fikre, Co-Founder of The Ghion Journal, returns to the show to give his thoughts on both of these situations and how Rep. Omar should respond to criticism from the media and her colleagues in Congress moving forward.

    Legendary drummer Hal Blaine passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Many people may not know Blaine by name but are likely familiar with his music which was featured in many popular songs. Alan Bernhoft, a musician, filmmaker and composer, worked alongside Blaine, and he joins Garland and Lee on today's program to discuss what Blaine was like as a person and how he leaves a lasting legacy for his decades of amazing work.

    For the final two segments, Garland and Lee are joined by geopolitical analyst Ryan Cristián, Founder and Editor of The Last American Vagabond, for a conversation about US foreign policy and the current situation unfolding in Venezuela. How should recent events in that country be analyzed, and what have recent comments made by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio revealed about how the US foreign policy establishment views the path forward in Venezuela?

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