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    Will Tulsi Gabbard Shake Up the 2020 Democratic Primary?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's announcement to run for President and how her decision is being received thus far. While the DNC and Democratic establishment may view this as a potential headache, could public grassroots support turn Gabbard into a legitimate contender?


    Stephen Lendman — Writer and Geopolitical Analyst | Foreign Policy Round-Up & Early Thoughts on the 2020 Election

    Niko House — Political Activist & Broadcast Journalist | Will the DNC Successfully Torpedo Tulsi Gabbard's Presidential Campaign?

    DC McAllister — Cultural and Political Commentator | What's More Harmful: TOXIC Masculinity or a LACK of Masculinity?

    Danny Sjursen — U.S. Army Officer and Former History Instructor at West Point | Will Trump Follow His Gut on Foreign Policy?

    While the ongoing government shutdown remains the main focus of the American mainstream media, the Trump administration continues to have its hands full with foreign policy challenges. Geopolitical analyst Stephen Lendman returns to Fault Lines to discuss Venezuela, Iran, and Syria as well as to give his early thoughts on the current field of Democrats running for President in 2020.

    Tulsi Gabbard jeopardized her political future with the Democratic Party when she endorsed Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic Primary. Political activist & broadcast journalist Niko House joins Garland and Lee to talk about Gabbard's prospects as a Presidential candidate in 2020 and the treatment she can expect to receive from the DNC given their tense relationship.

    The American Psychological Association recently released a document entitled: GUIDELINES for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men. These standards are critical of certain masculine traits in boys suggesting that these traits are often harmful to society and should be dealt with clinically. Cultural commentator DC McAllister finds these standards to be both counterproductive and dangerous, and she will detail her views on this topic to the hosts on today's program.

    For the final segment, Garland and Lee are joined by US Army Officer Danny Sjursen to discuss the overall sustainability of America's current foreign policy and the Washington DC establishment's appetite for perpetual war. Will President Trump draw back forces around the globe as he has shown a desire to do, or will John Bolton and others continue to lead the administration down the road of a hawkish global agenda?

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