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    Fault Lines

    Do the Foreign Policy Hawks Still Run the Show in DC?

    Fault Lines
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    Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss how President Trump's desire to bring troops home from around the world faces major resistance from the political establishment. Will Trump actually withdraw from Syria and elsewhere, or is the DC foreign policy apparatus too powerful even for the sitting President?


    Medea Benjamin — Co-Founder of Code Pink | The US-Egypt Partnership & 18-Year-Old Saudi Woman Refuses to Return to the Kingdom…

    Kit Klarenberg — Investigative Journalist w/ Sputnik News | The Integrity Initiative: The Spread of Propaganda & A Look Back at the Skripal Saga

    Ali Alexander — Conservative Strategist and Philosopher | Censorship Watch: Prominent Republican Political Influencer BANNED from Twitter

    James Carey — Editor at GeoPolitics Alert | Will Erdogan/Turkey Get More Aggressive in Syria?

    Patrick Henningsen — Journalist & Founder of: 21stCenturyWire.com | Is Trump Prepared to Take on the #DeepState Foreign Policy Hawks?


    An 18-year-old Saudi woman has caused an international stir by barricading herself in a hotel room in Thailand while seeking asylum from what she has referred to as family abuse. Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin returns to Fault Lines to discuss both the details surrounding this story and the complicated strategic relationship between the United States and Egypt which is currently under the leadership of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

    Modern-day propaganda and information warfare is often conducted in a covert and non-transparent manner, and the story surrounding the UK's Integrity Initiative is a prime example of this in action. Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist with Sputnik News returns to the program to talk more about the Integrity Initiative and its methods for promoting specific narratives and takes on world events.

    Concerns about censorship on social media continue to rise as several prominent individuals have now been banned from various platforms. Conservative strategist Ali Alexander is the most recent figure to be targeted as he was recently hit with a 'Permanent Ban' from Twitter. Alexander joins Garland and Lee on today's program to talk about the details of his 'Twitter Ban' and to discuss how this troubling trend of political censorship continues to gain steam inside of major Silicon Valley tech companies.

    The possibility of the US removing forces from Syria could be viewed by Turkey's President Erdogan as an opportunity to increase his influence and control inside of Syria. James Carey, editor at GeoPoliticsAlert.com, joins the show to talk about the relationship between Turkey and Syria and how Erdogan can be expected to proceed in the coming months.

    For the final segment, the hosts are joined by Patrick Henningsen, journalist & founder of 21stCenturyWire.com for a conversation about the direction of US foreign policy. Will Trump's Syria announcement begin to reverse course on America's war policies, or will the foreign policy hawks such as John Bolton prevent this change in strategic approach from taking serious hold?

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