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    Fault Lines

    Is the Mainstream Media Allowed to Tell the Truth?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss how the mainstream media reports on and frames various news events. Why are so many stories told in such a deceptive manner; what makes members of the press struggle to be straight with the public?

    Scheduled Guests:

    Darlene Brown — CEO of DivineEmpowerment.org | The Keys to Maintaining a Positive Mindset

    Holly Hood — Urban Libertarian | Is the Mainstream Media Allowed to Tell the Truth?

    James Carey — Editor at GeoPolitics Alert | Who was Behind Maduro's Assassination Attempt in Venezuela?

    Tom Luongo — Geopolitical Analyst and Publisher of the Gold Goats 'n Guns Newsletter | Analyzing the Narratives Surrounding Bill Browder and Sergei Magnitsky

    Michael Krieger — Founder of LibertyBlitzkrieg.com | The Reality of #QAnon + Should You DELETE Facebook?

    This past week, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro survived an assassination attempt involving a drone attack. James Carey, editor at GeoPolitics Alert, returns to Fault Lines to discuss the attempt on Maduro's life and who the Venezuelan government alleges is behind the plot.

    The story of Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act is one that does not stand up well against tough scrutiny. Geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo has been delving into Browder's history, and he will share his findings and conclusions on today's program.

    For the final segment of the week, Michael Krieger of LibertyBlitzkrieg.com joins Garland and Lee to discuss both the "QAnon" phenomenon and the latest pushes for censorship on social media. What aspects of the QAnon movement are drawing people in, and what is the future of free speech on the internet?

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