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    Fault Lines

    History of Colonialism & Its Modern Day Effects

    Fault Lines
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    Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan

    On this episode of "Fault Lines," hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan have a heated debate about the history of both European and Islamic conquests. How have different colonial actions impacted today's world, and what right do people have to preserve their cultures?

    Scheduled Guests:

    Matt Stiles — LA Times Special Correspondent in Seoul, South Korea | North Korea v. Mike Pompeo

    Niko House — Political Activist & Broadcast Journalist | Hating on Populism

    Piers Robinson — Chair in Politics, Society and Political Journalism at The University of Sheffield | The OPCW Reports on Douma, Syria & The Novichok/Skripal Saga

    John Kiriakou — Co-Host of "Loud and Clear" on Radio Sputnik | Islam, Christianity, and the Effects of Colonialism

    North Korea has taken issue with Mike Pompeo and what they have referred to as a "gangster-like demand for denuclearization." LA Times Special Correspondent Matt Stiles joins Garland and Lee live from Seoul, South Korea to analyze this statement along with the current status of US-North Korean relations.

    As populist trends and views continue to gain in popularity, there are powerful forces within the political establishment seeking to halt this momentum. Activist and journalist Niko House returns to Fault Lines to give his thoughts on the current state of populism and the new ways people are consuming news.

    Professor Piers Robinson has come under attack for his analysis of both the alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria and the ongoing Novichok story in the United Kingdom. How is Professor Robinson evaluating the latest details in these stories and why has the media reported these cases in such a biased manner?

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