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    Fault Lines

    Trump Facing Fallout on Eve of His First State of the Union Address

    Fault Lines
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    Lee Stranahan, Garland Nixon
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan analyze the successes and failures of the Trump Agenda, focusing on Trump’s economic and foreign policies one year into his term.

    With Trump's tax overhaul set to go into effect in two weeks, some employers have paid bonuses, some have laid off or offshore 1,000s of workers and shuttered stores, some ha e done both. The Dow Jones is breaking records, even as Trump's own economics team laments low workplace participation and languishing wages. How would Garland, Lee, and their guests grade Trump on the economy?

    Garland, Lee, and guests also review Trump's foreign policy during his first year in office. Has his performance measured up to his promises including: ending tensions with North Korea and Iran, increasing beneficial trade with other nations, winding down the war in Afghanistan, and other national security / foreign policy imperatives? With the dilemmas posed by Saudi attacks in Yemen, the Turkish attacks on the Kurds, and other conflicts and tensions, how well has Trump addressed these and other situations? How would Garland, Lee, and their guests grade Trump on foreign policy?

    Garland, Lee, and their guests also discuss Robert Parry's Legacy, mainstream media attacks on independent media-including the Prop Or Not censorship and smear scandal, the apparent major FBI scandal, and other issues, as well as top news.

    Scheduled Guests and Notes:

    Joe Lawler @josephlawler — Economics Reporter for the Washington Examiner | Topic: Economics Reporter on Fallout from the #TaxBill

    John Kiriakou co-host Loud and Clear on Sputnik, CIA Whistleblower (In-Studio) | Topic: Turkey's Military Attacks Against Kurds

    Michael Goodwin — Columnist at the NY Post | Topic: Is a massive scandal brewing at the FBI?

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