18:33 GMT +317 February 2019
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    Fault Lines

    Were Elections in New Jersey, Virginia, Elsewhere a Referendum on Trump?

    Fault Lines
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    Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan
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    Democrats won sweeping victories in statewide elections in New Jersey, Virginia, and local elections elsewhere. A Medicaid expansion measure passed in Maine. One year after Trump’s election and with the midterms a year away, are these off-year elections a bellwether?

    On this episode of "Fault Lines," hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss yesterday's elections including the governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey in the context of Trump's sagging approval ratings-the lowest on record for a president at this point in their presidency-and other factors. Do these results change the political conversation in America?

    Garland and Lee will also discuss the campus sexual abuse crisis and criminal justice reform with Maryland State Legislator Maricé Morales, the Chair of the Violence Against Women subcommittee for the Maryland State Women's Legislative Caucus.

    The hosts and guests will analyze top news stories and issues including mainstream media dishonesty, Donna Brazile's revelations and their impact on the lawsuit against the DNC, and the history of the Black Panthers.

    Scheduled guests include: Maricé Morales — Maryland State Legislator (Campus Sexual Assault, Criminal Justice Reform); Andrea Miller — Executive Director of People Demanding Action, former candidate for Congress (Virginia Election Results); Ian Miles Cheong — (Mainstream Media Dishonesty); Elizabeth Beck: Trial Lawyer, Co-Managing Partner at Beck & Lee (How Donna Brazile's Book relates to the DNC Fraud Lawsuit); Matt Arco — NJ Statehouse Bureau Reporter at The Star Ledger and NJ.com (NJ Election Results); Benjamin Young, Scholar — (History of the Black Panthers)

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