10:33 GMT24 October 2020
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    Media Freaks Out as Donald Trump Jr. Releases Emails

    Fault Lines
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    Donald Trump's eldest son is in the media spotlight when it's discovered that he met a Russian lawyer on the campaign trail, is this another nothing burger?

    There's more frontpage New York Times drama about Donald Trump Jr, as the establishment media attempts to make a meal out of a nothing burger. Conservative radio host Sean Hannity has brought up a story Garland and Lee have been talking about for weeks – Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election and we'll discuss that in round one.

    In round two, Garland and Lee discuss Iraq declaring victory over Daesh in Mosul. The media doesn't want to give Trump credit, but we'll also discuss about whether this victory over Daesh is just the beginning of other potential problems in Syria and Iraq involving the Kurds.

    In round three, the White House Correspondents Association wants to pass a new rule change that would hurt independent media outlets like Breitbart News. Has the Correspondence Association gone too far this time?

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