21:26 GMT16 April 2021
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    On today’s episode of Double Down, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to Ian Fraser, author of SHREDDED: Inside RBS: The Bank that Broke Britain.

    As UK banks, including RBS, face new fines for old financial crimes, DOUBLE DOWN talks to Ian Fraser, author of SHREDDED: Inside RBS: The Bank that Broke Britain to learn the latest on that bank that broke Britain now being confronted with a fine for rigging foreign exchange markets. They also discuss the tabloid headlines suggesting a bank executive may have been assassinated in order to prevent him from blowing the whistle on more banking fraud leading up to the Global Financial Crisis. Regardless as to whether or not the tabloid headline is hyperbolic conjecture or not, the fact remains that many of the financial crimes that saw the global economy taken to its knees have yet to be investigated. Ian Fraser suggests, however, that an upcoming report into the £1 billion HBoS Reading fraud and cover-up could prove explosive. Tune in to hear more.

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