21:35 GMT22 April 2021
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    Mali Massacre vs Christchurch Terror; US-Oman Base Deal; EU to Xinjiang?

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    The Mainstream Media’s typical double standards were on blatant display after a recent massacre in Mali resulted in the slaughter of over 150 Muslims but failed to generate the international attention that the Christchurch terrorist attack did despite the latter having more than 3x less victims.

    This week's program starts off by talking about the new regional integration bloc that was just formed by multiple South American nations. Then it debunks some of the Mainstream and even Alternative Medias' myths about Russia's highly publicized dispatch of military aid to Venezuela. After that, the next topic is the reason why China invited EU representatives to visit Xinjiang. Once that's done, the show moves along to discussing the geostrategic significance of the US obtaining access to Omani military bases. And finally, our top story of the week is the Mainstream Media's double standards over the Christchurch terrorist attack and the recent Mali massacre. 

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