20:38 GMT29 November 2020
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    Trump’s 'Hard Brexit' Support, 'Designer Babies', UK’s “Pre-Crime” Campaign

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    Trump extended serious support for a so-called “hard Brexit” after claiming that May’s accord precludes the UK from reaching a free trade agreement with the US, which might doom her “soft Brexit” deal in parliament and inevitably pave the way for its “hard” variant to enter into force instead.

    This week's show starts off by explaining the ulterior strategic motives behind the US' establishment of so-called "observation posts" along Syria's border with Turkey. Then it discusses why Soros' "Open Society Foundation" decided to leave Turkey. Once that's done, the next topic is the UK's dystopian "pre-crime" campaign. Afterwards, the show moves along to talking about the implications behind a Chinese scientist's claim that he was the first person to genetically engineer babies. And finally, our top story of the week is how Trump extended serious support for a so-called "hard Brexit" after claiming that May's accord precludes the UK from reaching a free trade deal with the US.

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