02:47 GMT14 April 2021
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    Lira On Life Support, Uighur “Re-Education Camps”, Caspian Sea Cooperation

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    Lira On Life Support, Uighur “Re-Education Camps”, Caspian Sea Cooperation.

    This week's show starts off by talking about why China has an interest in joining the TAPI gas pipeline. Then it explains the origin of the unrest in the Somali Region of eastern Ethiopia and forecasts where it's all headed. Once that's done, the next topic that's tackled is the significance of the Convention on the Caspian Sea's Legal Status that was just signed by the five relevant countries. After that, we address the so-called "credible reports" that a UN expert said they came across which allegedly prove that China is detaining up to one million Uighur Muslims in "re-education camps". And finally, our top story of the week is how the orchestrated attack on the Turkish lira is meant to spark the next stage of the US' Hybrid War on Turkey. 

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