04:43 GMT24 June 2021
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    Hypersonic Weapons, Iraqi Withdrawal 2.0, South African Land Seizure

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    President Putin’s public unveiling of Russia’s hypersonic response to the US’ so-called “missile defense shield” restored the strategic nuclear parity between these two Great Powers.

    Our show starts off by talking about why international mining companies are so afraid of the Congo's sweeping proposal to raise royalties on "strategic minerals".

    Then we move along to discussing the strategic military implications of the first US aircraft carrier docking in Vietnam since the American withdrawal in 1975.

    After that, the program addresses the sensitive issue of South Africa's controversial plans to seize land from white farmers without compensation.

    Then we explain what might be in store for Iraq after the parliament demanded that a timetable be set for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country.

    And finally, our top story of the week is President Putin unveiling Russia's hypersonic response to the US' so-called "missile defense shield" and restoring the strategic nuclear balance between the two Great Powers.

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