12:42 GMT16 January 2021
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    Poland Angers Israel & Ukraine, Indian Movie Riots, South Yemeni Rebellion

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    Poland’s passing of a draft law banning the phrase “Polish death camps”, the Bandera ideology, and the denial of wartime Ukrainian fascist crimes has drawn loud condemnation from Israel and Ukraine who allege that the bill amounts to unacceptable “historical revisionism”.

    This week's show starts off by talking about Germany's recent decision to freeze arms exports to Turkey as well as to countries involved in the War on Yemen. Then it takes a look at the significance of Netanyahu's meeting with President Putin earlier this week. After that, we analyze the domestic and international implications of the South Yemeni rebellion against President Hadi. Once that's done, we explain why some Indians are rioting over the release of a scandalous film. And finally, our top story of the week is how Poland passed a controversial draft law banning the phrase "Polish death camps", the Bandera ideology, and the denial of wartime Ukrainian fascist crimes, thus drawing the ire of both Israel and Ukraine.

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