16:51 GMT08 March 2021
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    2018 Preview: South Asian Rivalry, African Wars, Latin America In Limbo

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    The situation in South Asia is simmering as China and India wrestle with one another for influence in this strategic region, dangerously risking its destabilization as a result of a fierce rivalry that only plays out to the US’ ultimate benefit.

    This week's episode is a preview of three of the top stories that you won't be able to miss next year. We start off by talking about how Latin America is in a state of limbo between unipolarity and multipolarity, with the upcoming presidential elections in Brazil and Mexico slated to determine how the course of events develop in the southern and northern parts of the hemisphere. After that, we take a look at how Africa's many fault lines might lead to a multitude of wars in the coming future. And finally, one of the main stories that everyone should keep an eye on in 2018 is the simmering situation in South Asia as China and India wrestle with one another for influence there, as their rivalry could destabilize the whole region.

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