12:11 GMT +319 January 2019
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    Upcoming Putin-Modi Meet, CIA Spy Ring Busted in China, Duterte in Moscow

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    Andrew Korybko

    This episode starts off by talking about how the new rotating head of the East African Community is joining with his predecessor to oppose the EU’s sanctions against fellow member Burundi.

    Then our show takes a look at how Trump's so-called "Principled Realism" is hypocritically contradicted by the President's threatening language against Iran. Next, we describe the contours of the developing Russian-Philippine relationship following Duterte's visit to Moscow. Following that, we take a look at the significance behind the reports that China executed at least a dozen American spies between 2010-2012. And finally, our top story of the week is how next week's meeting between Russian President Putin and Indian Prime Minister Modi will probably lead to both of their countries hashing out their differences and charting a roadmap for future cooperation.

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