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    "Rohingya" Geopolitics, Russia's New Doctrines, Mercosur Coup

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    Andrew Korybko
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    Our show starts off this week by addressing the media speculation that Egypt has dispatched fighter jets and other sorts of military support to Syria. After that we discuss French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and how he’s stepping down so that he can run as the Socialist candidate in next year’s presidential election.

    Once that’s done, we analyze the real reason why Mercosur suspended Venezuela, and how Caracas is totally correct in claiming that it’s a coup. Then, we reveal some of the details of Russia’s new information security and foreign policy doctrines and explain why they’re being unveiled back-to- back at this time. Finally, our leading story of the week is how the escalating conflict in Myanmar’s Rakhine State threatens to subvert China’s Indian Ocean strategy.

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    information security, foreign policy, coup, Mercosur, China, Russia, Myanmar, Venezuela
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