05:50 GMT +320 September 2018
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    US Presidential Debates, Iran Joins CPEC, India Mulls Pulling a Tibet

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    Andrew Korybko

    This week’s episode opens up by talking about Breitbart’s reporting on the explosive Wikileaks revelation which proves that Hillary Clinton had a hand in the ‘Arab Spring’ Color Revolutions.

    Our second topic of the week is the referendum that just passed in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska and the significance that this holds for Balkan stability. Afterwards we talk about how India is mulling whether to ‘pull a Tibet’ by granting a Pakistani Baloch separatist leader political asylum and citizenship, and possibly even recognizing him as the leader of a ‘government-in- exile’. Next up is how Iranian President Rouhani expressed eagerness for his country to take part in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and revolutionize Eurasian geopolitics. Finally, our lead story of the week is the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and how each of the candidates fared on their big night.

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