14:46 GMT25 November 2020
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    US-India Military Partnership, Turkey in Syria, TTIP Bites the Dust

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    The first news event that we take to analyzing is the uncertainty swirling around Uzbekistan with the latest news that its decades-long leader is in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage.

    Following that, we move over to Myanmar and take a look at the peace talks that just began and which ambitiously aim to end the country’s almost 70-year-long history of rural insurgencies.

    Next we talk about how reports are coming out of the EU saying that TTIP has stalled and how the US is entirely to blame for the collapse of the trade negotiations.

    Afterwards, we raise some thought-provoking points to ponder about why there’s much more than publicly meets the eye to Turkey’s ultra-controversial military operation in northern Syria. And as our capstone story of the week, we reveal why the Logistics Support Agreement between the US and India spells big trouble for China and the unity of BRICS.

    military operation in Syria, ground military operation, military cooperation, insurgency, visit, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), Operation Euphrates Shield, Islam Karimov, India, Turkey, Syria, US, Myanmar, Uzbekistan
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